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  • Sichuan Style Soup

    Our Sichuan style base is a spicy, sour and complex soup that challenges the palate. This base is characterized by the Sichuan pepper corn.

  • Thai Tom Kha Soup

    GLUTEN FREE. Our Tom Kha broth is creamy and refreshing due to its coconut base cooked in Galangal, Sereh, fresh chili pepper, spring onion, ginger and plenty of other delicious ingredients.

  • Japanese Miso Soup

    This broth contains a savory red miso, a dashi from kombu, shiitake, a vegetable broth, and is served with black garlic oil. This very umami broth has a deep flavor with toasty, funky, and salty-sweet richness.

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For groups up to 3 people, we are walk-in only. 

For groups of 4 and above we accept both walk-ins and reservations. You can make a reservation by calling or texting us on WhatsApp. 

06 42 24 84 32

Please call if your group number turns out smaller than reserved, or when you are running late.

We also do take-away and delivery through UberEats!


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Updated 17/04/'24


Lets Mingle!

Come to our bi-weekly event and discuss China trade, culture, studying overseas, or just practice your Chinese language skills.

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Art Expo

Neighboring East Asian antique trades house called Shangrila Antique exhibits art at MOGU.

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