Malatang: a mix of Hotpot and Ramen!

Malatang history

Malatang is a Chinese street food that has been popular for decades. It's a go-to snack healthy food choice for many in China. 

Endless selections of fresh green vegetables, different types of tofu, and noodles are stored in an open-style chiller where you can select what you like. Put all of that boiling in a gourmet soup base. Here you have it Malatang: A bowl of freshness in a soup created by you.

MOGU has modernized the concept, with the healthiest and best ingredients available on the market. We make our very own Sichuan style soup base without any MSG and by only adding the most authentic spice. The addition of Japanese and Thai-style soup base is uniquely by MOGU.

Below you can see a market-style malatang how it was 10 years ago.

Since than, malatang has gone through a evolution. Bellow you see an average day of MOGU's fresh selection

 Every day we're still looking for the nicest fresh product that we can offer you in our food display. Since we took the above picture we added tofu puffs, bamboo shoots and a couple of other items!