Our Mission

Our mission is to make this world a better place in as many ways as we can. One step at a time:

- Through high-quality, delicious, and healthy food we think we can really make guests healthier & happier

- By being fully vegetarian but still affordable and super healthy we show other food industry players that responsible consumption is a good alternative business model.

 - We are thinking of ways to reuse our waste streams more efficient. We hope to soon grow fungus on the veggies from which we make our soupbases!

- We use very little plastic. Although we currently do support take-away in plastic bowls, we're looking at ways to serve take-away in reusable packaging. Amongst others we ask guests to pay a deposit if they utilise a take-away bowl so it can be re-used or returned the next time! 

We aspire to grow rapidly for the sole reason of making our healthy and delicious food accessible to more people. Let's make the world better a place!