Kids: We have three kid seats and a nice coloring page for kids in our restaurant. We'd like you to know that our restaurant can be very packed and noisy during peak hours, and thus advise you to come in early. We do also have a place to comfortably change diapers (in the left WC). 

Dogs: We are happy to invite any type of friendly dog inside the restaurant if there is space for the dog to lie down. If it is too busy, and there is not enough space, then there is always the option of takeaway.

Wheelchairs: Please note that during peak hours it can be hard to move a wheelchair around because we put extra tables out and walkways are pretty tight. Outside of peak hours, we can move tables aside to facilitate easier maneuvering. However, please note that we don't have a wheelchair-adjusted washroom. We hope to improve wheelchair accessibility at our next venue.